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Office: (410) 822-2001
Fax: (410) 822-9288
Cell: (610) 368-2248

127 Washington Street
Easton MD, 21601

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Clayton J. Campbell joined Meredith Fine Properties in 2021 as a Real Estate Agent licensed in Maryland. With a degree in Environmental Science and more than 30 years of consultation experience, Clay offers a nuanced perspective on the house-buying-and-selling process.

As a Home Environmental Specialist, Clay specifically focuses on advising clients on how to improve and protect the environment of their homes, as evidenced by his 15 technology patents/pending patents related to the air and water quality field. Clay understands the importance of having an experienced realtor supporting the homeowner to identify potential environmental concerns and to recognize the corrective actions needed to eliminate problems and hidden costs.

Clay has lived in Easton, MD since 2012 and appreciates all the beauty the Chesapeake Bay has to offer. He enjoys sailboat racing, fishing, kayaking, and spending time with his two grown daughters.

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